XModGames iOS Installation Guide

How to Installation Guide for Xmodgames iOS 

xmodgames ios xmod games

If you are a new or experienced gamer, then you may surely have heard about Xmodgames iOS App. It has earned a huge recognition among the gamers and common populace.

Xmodgames iOS is a fun app which allows you to find interesting mods and apply them to popular games like Clash Royale, Clash of Clans,  Mine Craft, Subway Surfer and several others. The app will allow you to modify all the games and you will be able to do it without any hassle. But there lies one problem. Wondering what? Well, you will not be able to install this app from your app store. Either you will have to use the jailbreak method or other methods available to install the app on your iPhone or iPad.

Installing the Xmodgames for iOS cell phone application on your iPhone or iPad gadget can truly be a cerebral pain in the event that you are very much educated about the individual advances or procedures.Can we successfully install the xmodgame iOS app? Is there any way to get help?
Of course, there is! Now all your questions will be answered. We have brought the perfect guide for you to understand the ways to install this fun application on your iPhone.

Features of Xmodgames iOS devices:

Before we get started with how to install the application on your iPhone or iPad, let us review the features that the Xmodgames iOS offer to the iPhone and iPad users.
xmodgames ios for iphone

  • You will be able to find several mods for a single game which will surely take the fun to a whole new level.
  • The best feature of Xmodgames apk is that it comes with a gaming accelerator. It boosts the gaming speed and allows you to play your favorite games without any glitches.
  • Besides, the application has an auto-refresh features which updates mods naturally to upgrade your gaming background.

Installing the Xmodgames iOS on your iPhone or iPad:

There are two ways in which you can install Xmodgames iOS in your device. So, why wait any further? Let’s get started!

Also Download: Xmodgames for Android | Xmodgames Apk Download

Xmodgames iOS Jailbreak Method:

Yes! For this method, you will have to Jailbreak your iOS device. Once you have jailbroken your device; you will be able to install the Xmodgames easily on your iOS device. How will you do it then? Well, just follow the following steps:
  • The very first step is to open the Cydia app on your iPhone or iPad.
cydia app xmodgames for ios

  • Once you have done that, a screen will pop-up where you will have to click on the “Sources” option.

cydia app xmodgames for pc ios
  • Then proceed to click on “Edit” option from the new dialogue screen and lastly tap on the “Add” option from the new screen that pops up after clicking on “Edit”.
  • As short as you press on the “Add” option, a small window must pop-up on the screen of your iPad or iPhone. It will ask you to “Enter Cydia/ APT URL”.

xmodgames for iphone
  • Enter x.deb [https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SqTIWokIC-wary5_dzcTJNegLck8Msgn/] as the CYDIA/APT URL and click on “Add Source” button shown on the window above.
  • The Xmodgames iOS will start downloading.
  • Did you start the downloading process? Well, after the app is downloaded, just click on the “Xmodgames iOS” option and select “All Packages”. At that point essentially press on the Xmodgames iOS again to begin the insallation procedure.
  • The app will be installed automatically. Congrats! Now you can modify your favourite games as per your wish. Isn’t that amazing?

Install the Xmodgames iOS using .deb file [No Jailbreak]:

For this process, you will not have to use the Jailbreak for downloading and installing the Xmodgames iOS to your iPhone or iPad. There are simple steps involved in it and it is the easiest method that you can do to download as well as install the Xmod application on your iOS device. So, how to do it?
Follow the steps listed below:
  • First of All, you'll have to download the .deb file of Xmodgames from the link Xmodgames.deb in your PC.
  • Once you have finished that step, download iFunBox or iTools in your computer from below link.
iTools 2.0 ->   For Mac/ Window
iFunBox -> http://dl.i-funbox.com/

xmodgames ifunbox or itools 2.0 for windows
  • When you have successfully installed iFunBox just connect your iOS device with your computer.
  • You'll have to open the iFunBox from your computer after that.
  • There you'll get an option like “Connect Device”. You will find a list below the “Connect Device”. From the list click the option called “Cydia APP install”.
xmodgames for ios for iphone
  • At that point simply drop the .deb record you have downloaded before to the Cydia App install exchange box.
The app will get auto installed on your device and you will be able to find it on the home screen of your iPhone or iPad.

Do not worry; the processes listed above are full-proof. No matter what method you choose, it will just work fine and you can obtain the desired results. Thus, install the Xmodgames iOS app on your iPhone or iPad and happy gaming. Isn’t it such a boon for the gamers?

XModGames for Android Apk | XModGames Apk App Download for Mobiles/ Tablets

Download XModGames for Android | XModGames Android App

XModGames for Android Apk: On a Android Smartphone device, there are a lot of mobile applications and games are available. Most of the users who own up on android device have games installed on their device. It’s pretty fun to play games on android devices as it will be handy. There wide variety of genres and you can choose your game from that list. In this article we are going to talk about XmodGames for Android and will mention all the necessary resources to download and install it.

Even though most of the users play games to pass the time and for fun, there are some games which is pretty tough and hard to level up. To make it pretty simple, XmodGame will come up into the action. XmodGames is an application which comes up with the mods and tweaks of many popular games.

XModGames for Android App is basically famous for some of famous games like Piano Tiles, Bubble Witch Saga, Clash of Clans, 8 Pool Hack,  Plants Vs Zombies, Candy Crush Saga, Clash Royale, Minecraft PE, and many more. And XModGames for Android Apk is the best alternative for Game Killer, Lucky Patcher, Game Hacker, Frameroot for Android apk and Freedom for Android Apk.

Features of XmodGames for Android App

Before taking a step into the Installation process, just give a look around to its amazing features.
  • The interface of this app is pretty cool as even a newbie will be able to use it in an easy way..
  • The mobile gaming accelerator feature is dam cool as it will enhances the gaming performance.
  • The mods will be updated automatically on every update of the game.
  • It always comes up with the multiple mods for different games
  • The above mentioned features are just a part of the application and there are many other features which Xmodgames for Android shows up.

XmodGames for Android Apk latest version Download:

You can easily download XmodGames for Android Apk latest version by pressing below button, and after that, we will guide you how to install and run it on your Android Mobile.
But, to use the xmodgames apk download full version you first have root your Android Device, if you have a rooted device then you can follow the further steps. To root your Android device check this guide.

Install Xmodgames for Android App | XModGames for Android Apk Download No Root

The downloading process of XmodGames Apk is too way simple. Earlier XModGames for Android App was available in the Google play store and because of some policy right issues, the app got revoked from the store. But Don’t worry, you can download the android Apk of Xmodgames from the link we given in the steps below.
  • First of all, just go to the settings page and check the “Installation of Apps from unknown sources” box as it will let you to install applications from a third party.
  • Now download the APK file of Xmodgames for Android from this link: XModGames for Android Apk
  • Once it’s downloaded, just you have to install and open it, that's it.
  • Now you will be able to see the available mods for the games you have installed.
  • Just download above mod apk and tap on the launch button. Now the game will be launched with Mod feature along.
  • That's it, now you will be able to play up your favorite games using mods which will be more guaranteed fun.
If any error occurs with while using XModGames for android app like XModGames Latest Version has stopped working then do one thing that reinstall the app by uninstalling once. If you can’t detect any game (of no launch button) in XModGames for Android, So do install it from US store fix some silly stupid issues.

Conclusive Words! XModGames for Android App Apk Download 2018

Hope this article on XModgames for Android App for Mobiles/ Tablets helped you out, if you facing any further provokes, just ping us through the comment option and we will get you at the earliest. In our next article we will catch up with XModGames for PC and XModGames for iOS Devices.

Xmodgames Apk Download - Xmod Apk | Xmodgame App for Android and PC

Xmodgames Apk Download – Xmod Apk For Android & iOS [Official]

xmodgames apk download, xmod apk

Xmodgames Apk Download: I think you are tired of the limitations on games by developers & designers while you are playing you most loved amusement game on your versatile mobile. You can't run a few game on your versatile mobile which has low-end arrangement or configuration regardless of whether your cell phone has low inner stockpiling; at that point you can't play high size games. 

Today I am gonna walk you through an application, which can help you to play all amusements on your gadget with no confinement from diversion engineers. The name of the application is XModGames Apk. With the help of this astounding application, you are presently ready to get to all your most loved diversions games on your mobile phone on the off chance that it has low – end setup or internal storage of your mobile.

Computing of things has started since from a long time ago and had emerged into a very advanced, sophisticated and useful thing for today's humanity. It evolved so rapidly and significantly that apart from the professional and business use, it has stepped into entertainment industry too. In entertainment, gaming, games has become the most popular entertainment thing, from being gaming on the mobile and computer, it has come into our hands itself by using mobiles. Mobile gaming sector has become very famous nowadays.

Almost every person on The Earth who owns a trendy smartphone can play games when they are feeling bored or waiting or on purposely. iOS and Android are two popular mobile operating systems which supports almost every possible popular games. The newer versions of mobile android phones have powerful hardware included like powerful GPU etc. included for smoother gaming.

xmodgames xmod apk apps download

People have been playing most popular games like Mortal Combat, Asphalt 8, Clash Royale, Minecraft, Clash of Clans etc. for since from a long time, most of them become dull, played done or got stuck in some of the levels of the game. This is most probably because these game is so small or it is very difficult after a certain level to cross another level and they got stuck. So in such cases, Xmodgames apk will help you.

One such famous mobile game hacking software is Xmodgames apk; it is a very famous gaming app that has way more downloads than many other games itself. Most famous games which xapk can hack are online games like clash royal, clash of clans, etc. Xmod games apk also provides premium version of specific games to its users.

Official version of Xmodgame apk is not available in the Google Play Store, and there are countless number of apps that is very identical to xmod app even with its User-Interface and logos, but the very original version can be downloaded only from the Xmodgames apk official website only. Xmodgames apk Download is completely free and is available to download directly.

We use different devices and want to access all applications on every gadget. In this xmod app article, I have written down every single step that how to run XModGames for Android, xmod games for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Xmodgames for PC. But before explaining the installation process, I have mentioned here the features of this beautiful app.

Features of XModGames for Android, Xmod apk for PC & Xmodgames for iOS

Due to its very unique useful features, XModGame apk is not only popular among the gamers community, but It is very popular in cyber community also therefore Cyber Law legally approves it. It provides 100% full support for the games, but it is not harmful or malicious to either to your device and to the games. So without wasting time, let me explore you the useful unique features of this xmodgames android application.
  • This xmod application comes with inbuilt Screen Capture and HD Recorder features
  • X Mod Games Apk app comes with community and forum so that you can share your gaming experiences with like-minded people on this community and forums.
  • The user-interface (UI) of this Xmod apk android app is very easy to use, so you don’t need any technical knowledge to run XModGames Apk for android or on your PC.
  • With this XModGames Apk, you are now allowed to play your most favorite games with your friends.
  • There are plenty of mods and tools are available to play the games so that you can run high definition games on your low-end configuration mobile.
  • It can deal with the amusements legitimately so you don't confront any inconvenience to play the games by means of XModGame application.
  • You can update XModGame Apk app for free and can receive various information about the application if it is being updated
  • If you do not find excellent tools, then you can get the facility to download tools for playing games.
  • With the every update version, the gamers can get the facility to play multiple games with different mods.
  • XModGames App allows you to share your feedback and gaming experience in your languages because it include various languages in it.

More details about Xmodgames:

Xmodgames apk is used for hacking various games from the game developers and designers. Xmodgame also provides various mods of games like we used to play GTA Vise city series game with a different mod, some increase the capacity (time, life etc.) of the player and some increases the games graphics or some acts as an accelerator.

Unfortunately, Xmodgames apk android app works only in rooted devices, before we used to have a xmod apk app for non-rooted devices, but later on all the loopholes or bugs of this game were fixed for latest version so that modding of games can be done only on rooted devices. It has an excellent user friendly Interface (UI), and a community and forum is available within the xmodgames for android app where the users of this mobile application can interact with their profiles anonymously. It supports every android mobile which is jailbreaked or rooted iPhone.

It has a screen recording feature by using this feature which you can record high-definition HD videos/ take screenshots while playing games etc.This feature is very handy and useful for many YouTubers and bloggers. These screenshots and videos can be shared to the xmod forum and community as well with just in single click.

Xmodgames apk for android mobile application is always updated by its creators/ developers to give best bug-free and user-friendly game experience to its users. It has some plugin or automated script which makes some of the games play automatically without you do setting anything, which is one of the best unique features of Xmodgames apk and it's rare. No modding android application give you an option to automate several things.

Pro & Cons Of Xmodgames Apk

  • Modding for different popular games provide infinite possibilities to the app users.
  • You can improve your gaming efficiency by multiple folds using multiple mods provided by the app.
  • Easy methods and hack can be demonstrated to other’s by recording the gameplay.
  • The online forum has a community and groups of gamers of similar interest to share their tricks and views.
  • Using this xmod app, you can lead to ban of your account in few games.
  • Fair play for everyone cannot be achieved when a user uses this app.
  • It is an aggressive act if you have accepted the creator's/ developers’s terms and conditions.

XModGames Apk Download - XmodGames for Android: XModGames App

You'll never gonna get this Xmodgames Apk application from Google Play Store, so you need to download XModGames Apk from a third party source like our site.  Click on below button to Download XModGames for Android.
Before downloading xmod app check whether your Smartphone is rooted or not because you should have a rooted device to install XmodGames app.
  • Download Xmod Apk file from any third party source. You can have lots of sites on the internet for xmod apk information and for download purpose. But you should keep in mind that
  • You would be not able install the app from APK file, if the “Unknown Sources” is disabled from your smartphone. So for that you need to go to Settings → Security. Then Scroll down the Security screen and get “Unknown Sources” option pressed. If it is disabled, enable it.
  • Then after install it and give root permission to authorize this app when you use it the first
  • After that open this xmod app and you'll get a list of supported games from “mod” option.
  • Click on your favorite game, and you can see the option to install the mod of your favorite game.
  • Open the XModGames app again and hit the launch
  • Now your game is launched, and you can see the (X) symbol at the right side of the game.
  • All the mods are visible for your favorite game. You can select anyone from the list to play it.
  • The XModGames app is successfully launched on your mobile. Now you can able to play all games whether it is paid or free.

XModGames for iOS (iPhone/ iPad) Without Jailbreak: XModGames App

Get XModGames App for iOS:

iPhone users can also get the facility to use this XModGames but to use this app a jailbroken iPhone is needed. If you're having a Jailbreak device, then you can directly install this xmodgame app from below tutorial and use it on your mobile.

XModGames for PC: XModGames for Windows 10/ 7 or Windows 8.1/ XP/ Mac Laptop

Get XModGames App for PC

Unfortunately, the XModGames application is not officially launched Xmodgames for PC, but technology always brings solutions with the problem. PC users also allow running this excellent app on their computer. You need to download Android Emulator on your computer to run XModGames App.
You can get many emulators online which can run Android Apps on your PC. I have installed Nox App Player. Downloading and installing Nox App Player is as simple as you install any other software.

Download and Install XModGames App for PC (Windows 10/ 7/ 8.1/ 8/ XP/ Mac)

  1. To install XmodGames apk, you should Download XModGames Apk File first, from here or any third party source. You can get it from the Internet.
  2. After downloading the APK file, need to add it to Nox App Player (www.noxappplayerdownload.com).
  3. Then you need to find out the location where the Apk file is downloaded and then Right click on that file to open it with Nox App Player. The XModGames App is automatically installed. 
After doing that process, you can have and see the XModGames app icon on the home screen of Nox App Player. Now you are ready to explore your favorite gaming apps on your PC via XModGames App.


F.A.Q. Regarding XModGames App for Android, iOS & PC

Why it happens that Xbot disappears after a some seconds when I launched it in the game via Xmodgames App?

This kind of problem occurs on Android mobile 5.1.1/ CM12.1 with Xmod app version 2.0.x. It has been fixed in the latest package. Please download the latest Xmodgame from our official website.

Why I can’t see the Xbot when I start the mod?

Huawei: Settings → All →Notification manager → Dropzones →Xmodgames
For MIUI, Huawei EMUI2.X, Huawei users, please allow and give permission of pop-up windows to Xmodgames App first.
MIUI: Settings → installed app → Xmodgames → Permission manager → Display pop-up window → Accept

Why I can not use COC modding/ Why there are 4 steps when I tap Xmod App?

  1. Please confirm that whether you have rooted your device and grant root permission for Xmodgames COC App.
  2. If you're using samsung smartphone, Reason is that Xmodgames apk is not working on Samsung Enforcing devices with android 5.x at present. We’re still fixing this problem. And you can go along this process to run Xmod app on Samsung devices.
  3. How to run Xmodgames Apk App on Samsung enforcing devices.
  4. Xmodgames Apk does not support Bluestacks Software (or other Android emulators)/ ASUS Zenfone 5 (or other intel-based processors)/ X86 at present. We are working on that now. Please be patient.

Why COC crashes in Xmodgames Apk?

Reason May be: The COC Mod latest version do not support the COC game version of your smartphone device.
Solution: Update COC game to latest version that COC Mod supports. You can get the related information from COC Mod description in Xmodgames Apk App.

How to use the accelerator?

1) Open Xmodgames Apk and turn the accelerator “ON” in “More” page.
2) Start the game through Xmodgames.
3) Then after Press that floating window (of Xbot) and you’ll see the “Accelerator” button.
4) After that Press “Accelerator” button and set the value.

Keep in mind that the accelerator isn't taking a shot at server-side recreations, Boom Beach, COC, and so forth.

About the relation of Game upgrade and Mod upgrade
Under normal situations, all the gaming mods work perfect unless the game updates occurs. If your mod is out of effect, it’s usually because your game updates (Note:- It’s not a bug). X-team will update games timely but we need some time to work on updating the mod. (Sometimes it takes quite a long time to do that) Please stay calm, wait for a very short time and pay attention to our Facebook. We’ll let you know when it’s done.

How to install the mod?

Open Xmodgames App, press on the game and then install the mod by pressing the button at the bottom of the mod page. After when you see indication “install success”, press the “launch” to start the game.

Mod install failed/Request timed out/Connection error
  1. Check your internet, restart your device and check for a few more times.
  2. Download a VPN Application from Google Store/App store that you like, such as Super VPN, Hotspot VPN and Hola, and set it to USA;
  3. Then after Restart your game device, open Xmodgames app and enjoy.
Xmodgames has stopped

Please try to clear Xmodgames app data in “applications” (settings → applications) and then reinstall.
If it still doesn’t work, please tell us the details of your phone.(operating system, the specific model etc.) by emailing us.

Why Xmod is not working on Redmi Note?

Please check first and makes sure at MIUI site that this model of the redmi note smartphone you’re using runs in a developer-rom before rooting the phone. Without consistent developer-rom, the phone cannot be rooted and we regret to tell you that there’s nothing else we could do except waiting for an official one for the phone. you can discover support and help on forum/ discussion of MIUI or get in touch with them specifically for concede with root permission in MIUI engineer setting. At that point you can enjoy Xmodgames app.

Xmod can’t detect the game (no launch button)?

  1. Firstly, make sure you have downloaded the game
  2. On the off chance that you have downloaded the game, despite everything you can't distinguish and no "launch" catch. We prescribe you xmodgames apk download the game from US store, at that point open the diversion on xmod apk, and reinstall the mod once more. (Progressively My Mod)
Like, if you are android user, you can download the game from Google play(US). If you are IOS, you can download the game from US App Store.
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